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Unexpected Encounter



Competition Proposal

A "heartfelt sign" as a sheet of newspaper dyed in red. 


Is there a more heartfelt moment than knowing that someone was thinking of you when you were not there? Is there a warmer gesture than that?


A humble page of a newspaper from your daily life can encourage you to think of someone else and wrapping a small token of love and giving it as a gift.

We can also call it a sign that you feel your own heart thinking about someone else. It is invisible to the eye, but it certainly exists within you.


The traditional role of delivering unbiased encounters with information which only newspapers can do (online news platforms can not) with the feeling of touch with our hands, smell with our nose, and receive words with our eyes also leads us to encounter this unexpected red sheet.

Doesn't need to be fancy. You can wrap flowers from the garden to give to your parents. You can wrap cookies you baked this morning to share with friends. You can wrap seasonal vegetables from your garden to gift to your neighbors. It is handy and easily folded and kept with you wherever you go.​



Size: 812mm x 545mm, national newspaper size

Material: Newspaper sheet, printed in vermilion on the entire surface

Publication: Morning edition of a national daily newspaper

Publication position: Centerfold

Development idea: Sharing of its use on social media, collaboration with specialized/industry newspapers and magazines, expansion to other countries, different color variations for each project, etc.

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