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About her

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Ayana is a multidisciplinary enthusiastic designer based in Kyoto, Japan.

She works from pure curiosity with the essence of form, material, nature, history and craftsmanship with artistic flair and enjoys seeking opportunities to design refined experiences rich with new discoveries.

Her professional experience includes a wide range of project types and scales; both local and overseas; from private to commercial; from graphic/product to interior/space design. By being thoroughly involved from concept design to completion, Ayana delivers outstanding results and delights her clients and partners.


Currently based in Kyoto, Ayana is available for consulting with new clients and partners by appointment.


1. Work with love

Design with trust, respect, and joy. Love my team. Delight my clients and partners.

2. Be creative

For all projects, I work from pure curiosity, seeing it as an opportunity to make the world a place with more discoveries.

3. Pursue opportunities

See all projects as opportunities for growth and do my best.




Concept Design

Interior/Space Design

Product Design

Graphic Design

Coordination Work
English-Japanese Translation Work in Design


Japanese (Native)
English (Fluent)

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