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turn the globe to tune in radio beyond borders

The Waves Beyond


Design Interpretations | Tanikawa Shuntaro’s Radio Waves

Waves Beyond is an interactive interface in the form of a plain surfaced globe,with no indicated geographical borders. This was created during the Sound and Visual Communication Design Workshop by Kyoto D-Lab, RCA (Dr.Kevin Walker and Debbie Cook) and the designer Yuri Suzuki, revolving Tanikawa’s poetry and radio collection.

By revolving and turning it around, the participant can tune to different SWL radio stations, operating between the 1940’s and the 1980’s, around the world.


The plain and border-free surface invites the participant to explore the free airwave space and hunt for ‘pirate’ broadcasts from around the world. By tuning to The Waves Beyond’s globe, we can cherish the pure radio technology following Tanikawa Shuntaro’s words:

The dial glows dimly, warmly,
and the set is wholly engaged in catching voices from afar.

It’s a marvel of technology which still makes people cheerful

and for which no one is blamed.
(An Old Radio,1993)


The stations include:

Tokyo Rose (broadcasting from Japan to the US during WWII, 1945),

Voice of Peace (broadcasting from Israel to conflicting countries in the Middle-East, the 1970s),

Radio Caroline (broadcasting offshore the UK in protest of BBC monopoly on UK airwaves, the 1960s).

Plastic, MDF, Arduino sysyem

345mm x 380mm x 280mm

Made in collaboration with Marine Zorea, Samar Helou, Tomohiro Inoue


Exhibited in Kyoto D-Lab Gallery in Tokyo, Art Chidoya 3331
During 22 April (Sat) – 28 May (Sun), 2017
Organized by KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology

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