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Moon Cake Visual Design




The moon cake design is composed of a series of 4 different types which indicate each phase of the moon from waxing crescent, half quarter, waxing gibbous, to the full moon by abstracting their shapes as simple horizontal lines. The logo of the shop was placed at the center to imply its function as a gallery where it works as a medium to connect people to new encounters with art.

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 10.47.06.png

Each moon cake has a different filling and they are sold in a box that shares the same burnt orange color with the iconic counter sitting in front of the entrance door. The box is designed to be attached to  each other like the pictures below so that it looks like a traditional Japanese drawer called 箪笥 (tansu) to honor the fact that this gallery+confectionery is a renovated space of ahistorical Japanese storage building called (kura). 

You can put your fingers to the area cutout in a half-moon shape to pull the box out.

The idea was to let the customer feel as if they took a piece of this iconic burnt orange counter to their destinations. 


Client: ARTRO

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