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Exhibition Booth Design

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Total Floor Area:


Booth Design

Tokyo, Japan


An exhibition booth design for interiorlifestyleTOKYO2023 for my client.


I began with deep research into the ceramic industry by visiting many ceramic studios and factories in Tajimi City before starting to design.

The main features of the booth design are a series of unit furniture stretching 3*9m area and a series of 4 photographs on the wing walls.

The client's corporate green color was used for the unit furniture. They are installed in one line to imply a traditional tunnel kiln for baking ceramics. The layout of the furniture allows visitors to see as many products as possible by providing one circulation flow of people. To ensure that the client can use it repeatedly in future exhibitions, the top board was designed to be freely changed to any materials they want within the size such as glass, wood, stainless steel, etc. Each unit is designed to be freely changeable in any combination too.

This time, acrylic panels were used as a tabletop, with powder of silica stone and feldspar, materials for a glaze, placed inside as a background. The tabletop panel was partially open so that visitors can touch the powders with their hands, allowing them to explore behind the scene of producing ceramics through the sense of touch.

In the meeting space next to the reception counter, a set of chairs facing each other was designed to be embedded when it's not used.

Each of the big four photos on the two wing walls worked as storytellers sharing the stories of behind the scenes of each product series with visitors. We intended to give visitors a little trip to the valuable craftsmanship full of rich history, culture, beautiful traditions, and the development of techniques at factories that cannot normally be seen through photographs.

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Ferdinand Maubert TOKYOBSITE48_DSC7602 edited.jpg
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All photos by Alexandre Ferdinand Maubert.

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