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Business Card Design 

tTuL4 mosaic.jpg



The entire graphic was designed to represent the client herself who has a deep passion for lingerie and women empowerment. She runs an online lingerie shop called "Your own_." with the powerful message of "We want all Japanese women to love (embrace) themselves more as they are.". 

The general idea of this business card design was to express the freedom that every woman has. Whether what you wear, how you behave, what you say.

The body outlines of the character on both sides were drawn in soft/wobbly lines to express the fact our body figure that changes/evolves constantly adding a message of "it's okay, it's totally healthy and natural thing". Omitted to draw the hairstyle too as that's also something constantly changes in your daily life.

On the backside, a set of lingeries flying in the air was drawn expressing the fun/enjoyable moment of choosing your lingerie for yourself, and the power of lingeries that motivates and empowers all women. 

IMG_9251 mosaic.jpg

Client: Your own_.

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