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Business Card Design 




This business card was designed as the secondary business card for the members of The Global Shapers Community Osaka Hub (GSCO).


The Global Shapers Community is an initiative of The World Economic Forum. The community is a network of hubs developed and led by young people across the world willing to make meaningful contributions to their communities and societies. These youth are referred to as shapers and they look for opportunities to have a positive impact on a global scale by joining forces with hubs in different countries.

The front side consists of two designated theme colors of The Global Shapers Community; dark blue and white. 

The Osaka-centered world map  with the small white dot indicating our hub’s base city Osaka was embossed to show their field of activities and attitude of spreading positive impact towards the world from Osaka.

Each letter of our contact information such as name, occupation, phone number and website address is placed on the edges also in white in various directions towards the outside to express their diverse activities to give positive impacts to the world. 


On the backside, there’s the logos of The Global Shapers Community Osaka Hub and The World Economic Forum.


Unlike common business cards, there is no fixed orientation for this card. Thus, whichever way you hand it to people, it’s all correct and your choice to decide. 

The best part of this unique business card design is the possibility to be able to evoke an easy ice breaking conversation and naturally assist in explaining the statement of The Global Shapers Community Osaka Hub. 

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