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Design with a story

There are thousands of different answers to the same question in design and that’s why it's interesting. I sincerely provide my design services with stories and values that meet the needs of my clients and partners by listening carefully to their intentions, analyzing the given conditions with a global mindset, fully understanding the goals of the project, and delivering. 

I discover a design/solution with a respectful and elegant look and feel for each project that translates the concept with a powerful and meaningful story behind it well which will be connected to the experiences of the end-users.

What matters?


- The whole story of the idea/product/space matters 

I believe sometimes the story of the design can go beyond the convenience by celebrating its history and all of the people who were involved previously. Prioritizing convenience is not always the best, as sometimes something amazing happens out of inconveniences.

- Quality of the material matters (sustainability)

- Experience of the idea/product/space matters

General Workflow


1. Contact
2. First meeting/Questionnaire
3. Research Phase/Follow-up questionnaire
4. Design Process
5. Design Proposal

Currently based in Kyoto, Ayana is available for consulting with new clients and partners by appointment.

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